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Great coffee!! Seriously, the best I've had and backed by an awesome crew. Don't hesitate - BUY SOME!!

Jason R (03/29/2017)


At the Menton Week social, I purchased a pound of each blend they offered and wow, the coffee was wonderful. The flavors came through and so much better than Starbucks and other premium brands I have purchased or subscribed to in the past. My girlfriend also felt the same and she is more of a coffee snob than I am. Looking forward to setting up the subscription and enjoying this as my morning and relaxation routine. Thank you for what you have done and for such a wonderful tasting coffee.

Brian Hess (02/03/2017)


Very good coffee, you can taste how fresh it is

Kimber (02/08/2017)


This is my family's favorite morning beverage. It arrives oily and smokey fresh from the roaster, and within a few days it's steaming in your cup. No enormous corporate roaster could or would care this much about freshness. And the cause it supports is also close to our hearts, so it's an easier decision to drink it every day. I can't imagine you would be disappointed.

M.J. (02/26/2017)


My favorite thing about this, other than being absolutely delicious, is that the container can be recycled. It pops open and the contents can be composted . That just about did it for me!

Cherish C (04/19/2017)


I prefer the single origin beans, and this is the best I have had from any source so far. The fresh-roasted beans arrive within a couple days and make the best cup of coffee. This beats grocery store and local coffee shop roasts hands-down. Medium roast is good, but moving up to medium-dark brings out a little more complex flavor.

Tim (11/20/2016)