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At the Menton Week social, I purchased a pound of each blend they offered and wow, the coffee was wonderful. The flavors came through and so much better than Starbucks and other premium brands I have purchased or subscribed to in the past. My girlfriend also felt the same and she is more of a coffee snob than I am. Looking forward to setting up the subscription and enjoying this as my morning and relaxation routine. Thank you for what you have done and for such a wonderful tasting coffee.

Brian Hess (02/03/2017)


This is my family's favorite morning beverage. It arrives oily and smokey fresh from the roaster, and within a few days it's steaming in your cup. No enormous corporate roaster could or would care this much about freshness. And the cause it supports is also close to our hearts, so it's an easier decision to drink it every day. I can't imagine you would be disappointed.

M.J. (02/26/2017)


Damn good brew, one of the best Al's come out with yet. Drink it black, medium strength, or with just a hint of cream to best appreciate the full bodied taste.

Ryan Kraeger (10/24/2016)


I prefer the single origin beans, and this is the best I have had from any source so far. The fresh-roasted beans arrive within a couple days and make the best cup of coffee. This beats grocery store and local coffee shop roasts hands-down. Medium roast is good, but moving up to medium-dark brings out a little more complex flavor.

Tim (11/20/2016)


Very good coffee, you can taste how fresh it is

Kimber (02/08/2017)


I have the JBo's Brew in medium-dark roast. I ground it and used it in pour overs (paper cone filter), drip (flat bottom paper filter) and a French Press. This is a versatile and flavorful, without being bold or bitter.It's difficult to find a blend/roast combination that can withstand the various brewing methods. For my friends who like a lighter tasting coffee while still having flavor, which is another purple unicorn to find, this coffee is great for that through brewed a drip coffee maker. A pour over ups the intensity of the flavor without increasing bitterness or chariness, while a French Press brings it to the full boldness of flavor.This coffee is a pleasant change from the charred or smoky tastes of other coffee roasts, and you really experience a true coffee flavor.

Joel Seymour (10/20/2016)