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I have the JBo's Brew in medium-dark roast. I ground it and used it in pour overs (paper cone filter), drip (flat bottom paper filter) and a French Press. This is a versatile and flavorful, without being bold or bitter.It's difficult to find a blend/roast combination that can withstand the various brewing methods. For my friends who like a lighter tasting coffee while still having flavor, which is another purple unicorn to find, this coffee is great for that through brewed a drip coffee maker. A pour over ups the intensity of the flavor without increasing bitterness or chariness, while a French Press brings it to the full boldness of flavor.This coffee is a pleasant change from the charred or smoky tastes of other coffee roasts, and you really experience a true coffee flavor.

Joel Seymour (10/20/2016)


Easily my favorite. Smooth and easy going, just like a day with Wyatt.

Trevor (05/14/2016)


I have had many different coffees over the years, but this one is by far the best I have had. Smooth, not bitter what soever, and easy to drink. Job well done.

Travis (06/08/2016)


Damn good brew, one of the best Al's come out with yet. Drink it black, medium strength, or with just a hint of cream to best appreciate the full bodied taste.

Ryan Kraeger (10/24/2016)


Awesome coffee with an awesome mission. The first batch was gifted to me by a loved one; now I'm back for more!

MAM (07/26/2016)


I prefer the single origin beans, and this is the best I have had from any source so far. The fresh-roasted beans arrive within a couple days and make the best cup of coffee. This beats grocery store and local coffee shop roasts hands-down. Medium roast is good, but moving up to medium-dark brings out a little more complex flavor.

Tim (11/20/2016)