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This is an excellent coffee! Very robust yet well balanced, with complex notes. Highly recommended..

Patrick M. (07/20/2017)


Love to see the look on people's faces when they try to figure this shirt out. Very comfortable material and long cut if you're worried about ccw. It is definitely red.

Todd Harlos (06/27/2017)


We have loved the coffee shared with us by Prosper Ndabshuriye to help the students at Iwacu Kazoza School in Burundi. It is excellent coffee and it is always wonderful to help a child! Thank you students at Seven Oaks Elementary in Lacey for this win-win idea! The coffee is very rich, so I would recommend starting out with less coffee, and increasing the amount as needed. A good wake-up blend!

Kathy Hazen (07/27/2017)


Exceptional coffee for a great cause.

Derrick (05/10/2017)


My wife gave me the originals blend for Fathers Day. Great Flavor!!! I'm getting ready to order a second bag. Great gift for all team guys. ODA 081, SFA Chapter 4-24. De Oppressor Liber

Matt Lucier (07/22/2017)


This blend wakes you up and goes down silky smooth. Not too bitter and not too sweet. The perfect way to start your day in Afghanistan.

JAV (07/17/2017)