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Chuck Heavy

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Charles "Chuck"Keating lived every moment to the extreme.  He took great care of everyone in his life, bringing out their best no matter the situation.  Everywhere he went Chuck was always found in the center of the group.

Not taking others' lead, Chuck constantly set out on his own course.  Coming from a family of swimmers, he instead became a track star at Indiana University and later enlisted in the Navy to earn the coveted title of Navy SEAL.

Graduating from BUD/s Class 266, Chuck easily fit into Team Life, deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times earning multiple valor awards.  He was also chosen to become a lead sniper instructor for the unit.

On May 3, 2016, Chuck was killed in action while coming to the aid of fellow SEALs who were engaged by a large enemy force.  As a Team Leader pointed out, "Chuck fittingly went down swinging alongside his Brothers."

This brew is roasted in honor of Charles Keating to remind us all there is no reason to accept life to the fullest, go to the edge with every moment and make the best of every situation and everyone you are with!!!

Chuck Heavy is a blend of South American, Indonesian and West African coffees and is roasted to a Medium-Dark perfection that provides a smooth yet smoky cup that Chuck's team mates said he would have enjoyed.

A portion of the proceeds from Chuck Heavy will be donated to One More Wave Corp, a 501(c)(3) that Charles supported whose mission is to provide wounded or disabled veterans access to surfing by providing them with customized surfing equipment and assistance.  This enables riders to achieve therapy through the ocean.

Please click here for more information regarding One More Wave.


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