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Black Devils Brew

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The Worst Is Yet To Come!!!

Referred to as 'Die Schwarzen Teufeln' by their German enemies,  the First Special Service Force was a legendary unit in Special Operations History.  They would aggressively raid and swiftly cross into enemy lines gathering as much intelligence they could along with harassing and killing scores of Germans.  Silently dispatching their opponents the Black Devils would leave calling cards on the men they killed warning the Germans that "Das Dicke Ende Kommt Noch!"...'The Worst Is Yet To Come!'

Comprised of specially selected American and Canadian soldiers, The Black Devils actively recruited for men previously occupied as lumberjacks, forest rangers, hunters, north woodsmen, game wardens, prospectors and explorers who would be more individualistic and tough compared to regular soldiers.

Rigorously trained in airborne operations, winter warfare, hand to hand combat, explosives and mountaineering, the FSSF training program far surpassed that experienced by any other regiment or division in the US Army during World War II.  The Black Devils were so effective they killed 25 enemy for each member lost and took 235 enemies for each FSSF soldier captured.

Regarding the Black Devils exploits, the Helena Independent Record noted, 'The Force in all its service yielded not an inch of ground nor left a battle with indecisive conclusion.  The force won everything it fought for.'

When victory is the only option, you can rely on - BLACK DEVILS BREW!!!

This complex blend is made especially for espresso recognizing the Force's major service in Italy and is a darker roast coffee.  However, it still makes a great drip coffee and is smooth, full-bodied and flavorful!


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