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The Originals Blend

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The Originals Blend

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The modern Special Forces began when 10th Group, 'The Originals,' was activated at Fort Bragg on June 19, 1952.  

Attracting many former members of the OSS, Rangers, various Airborne units from World War II and foreign nationals, 10th Group was composed of a very unique collection of battle hardened warriors.  They brought a broad wealth of war fighting, language and cultural skill sets to the unit which define Special Forces today.

Along with laying the foundation for Special Forces, 'The Originals' were the first to begin wearing the Green Beret in November 1955, long before President John F. Kennedy, the Godfather of Special Forces, awarded it as part of the Special Forces uniform. 

Just as 10th is 'The Original Group,' this blend contains a primary base of Ethiopian coffee, since Ethiopia is the area where coffee originated.

Additionally, this coffee donates to a 10th Group specific support fund at the Green Beret Foundation and supports Originals Soldiers and Families in times of need. Check out Guerrilla Outfitters, a 10th Group Special Forces Combat Veteran Owned and Operated business who has numerous 10th Group Trojan Horse products available on their site.  Part of their proceeds are also donated in support of the Green Beret Foundation.

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