DEL Single Serve Cups

DEL Single Serve Cups

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DEL Single Serve Cups

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De Espresso Liber is proud to offer our line of single serve 'D-Cups' which are designed to hold more coffee than standard cups.  These cups on average hold 12 to 13 grams of coffee and produce a full bodied and convenient brew.

Since DEL has the capability to roast, grind and package these on order, in house, we guarantee an extremely fresh and enjoyable experience.

We are further expanding our Gold Star, DEL Blend and Single Origin offerings so please standby.

*The cups are made of #5 plastic which is BPA free and considered one of the safest plastics to use and are fully recyclable.  Simply squeeze the cup into the garbage to dump out the used grounds, quickly rinse and easily toss into your recycling container.  Everyone who has deployed from the most recent conflicts to our Founding Fathers did not risk everything to create more waste so please do what you can to limit you impact on our Beautiful and Blessed Nation.*


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