Blackbeard’s Brew

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Blackbeard’s Brew

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A warrior to the core…

Matthew ”Blackbeard” Pucino fully committed himself to his family and country in a way that his sister Melissa recalls his character as extraordinary, unrivaled and priceless.

‘Uncle Matt’ deeply loved his family, always showering them with gifts and devoting as much time as possible with them all. He drew a focused strength from his family and exhibited legendary bravery downrange while protecting his teammates. During one firefight, Matt gave two units of blood to save a teammate then immediately returned to the thick of the fight. On others, he would disappear to clear the path ensuring the safety of those behind him. Whereever he served, he set the example, lead the way and blazed the trail for others to follow. Honoring SSG Matthew Pucino and all those who hoist their flag and live fully committed to each day, we proudly give you the legendary Blackbeard’s Brew!!!

This blend is a complex mix of Central and South American coffees along with a Central African providing a unique taste that is simply hard to find.

We are extremely proud of the work we were able to do for the Pucino Family in creating this blend in
order to Honor Matt’s Memory and service to our country.

A portion of Blackbeard’s profits will be donated to the SSG Matthew A. Pucino Foundation whose exempt purpose is to provide for the physical and emotional needs of combat wounded soldiers and their families. They strives to assist our warriors and their families, just as Staff Sergeant Matthew A. Pucino would have done.  Additionally, the foundation also supports the Green Beret Foundation.

For more information regarding the SSG Matthew A. Pucino Memorial Foundation, LTD
please click here.

New for December 2016 - Veteran Owned and Operated SH Plates is offering 2x3", 1/8" thick Pittsburgh Steel plates with the images of Special Forces Fallen Brothers.  These are being sold in conjunction with our various SF Gold Star Blends in order to raise additional funds to donate to the Green Beret Foundation.  Once an order for a plate is placed, SH Plates will manufacture and ship the plates from their location in Pittsburgh.


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