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JBo's Brew

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A true Texan, American and Green Beret, SSG Jeremie Border was his family's Batman, their Hero!

A fiercely dedicated son, brother, uncle and friend, "JBO" fully committed himself to everything he did and everyone he was around.  If anyone was in need, Jeremie was always there to help.

Playing football in both high school and college, Jeremie was known as the ultimate team player who a coach said was, "In this 'me' generation...a throwback, always willing to sacrifice for the team."

Following college, Jeremie enlisted in the Army with the purpose of becoming the best of the best.  Soon after reporting to his first duty station, Jeremie volunteered for the grueling Special Forces Qualification Course, was selected and later earned his right to wear the coveted Green Beret as an elite Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.

When serving with ODA 1111 on September 1st 2012 in Batur Village, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, Jeremie made the ultimate sacrifice.  As a teammate later wrote, "In true Jeremie fashion, he charged into a wall of machine gun fire to protect his fellow Soldiers.  Many lives would have been lost that day if Jeremie had not stepped forward to protect them."

Dedicating this blend to "JBo" with a bottle of Honey Jack in hand, we ask you to fully commit yourself to your team around you just as Jeremie was dedicated to his.  Whether it's on the sports field, the battlefield or the boardroom...Never Quit, Never Falter and always keep yourself moving forward!

JBo's Brew is a blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees that provide a smooth cup for when you are getting up in the morning and planning your daily assault.

A portion of this blend's profits will be donated to the Green Beret Foundation.

New for December 2016 - Veteran Owned and Operated SH Plates is offering 2x3", 1/8" thick Pittsburgh Steel plates with the images of Special Forces Fallen Brothers.  These are being sold in conjunction with our various SF Gold Star Blends in order to raise additional funds to donate to the Green Beret Foundation.  Once an order for a plate is placed, SH Plates will manufacture and ship the plates from their location in Pittsburgh.


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