SFC Benjamin Wise's Gold Star Memorial: Patriot's Brew

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SFC Benjamin Wise's Gold Star Memorial: Patriot's Brew

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"Who Will Go? Send Me..."

From the earliest stirrings of America, a special breed of men have continuously and fearlessly volunteered to face the evils threatening our liberties and way of life.  These Patriots have been revered for their uncommon bravery and commitment to protecting others.

Extremely intelligent, a man of principle, a hardened combat veteran and a God fearing, loving husband and father, Ben Wise easily lead a life fellow Green Berets found inspiring.  Humble in demeanor, meaningful in his purpose but absolutely deadly in his actions, Ben carefully balanced his roles of family man, thoughtful citizen and fearless warrior.

Just as the original Patriots fought to preserve freedom for future generations, Ben embodied a life of service through his continuous efforts to place others ahead of himself.

When times are tough and you need centered before slugging it out for your family and those around you, proudly make your stand and remember Ben Wise's unmatched dedication to others with Patriot's Brew.

This blend is a mix of Central African and Central American coffees that mirrors the smokier, full bodied coffees that Ben always drank.  These coffees roast a bit quicker so although all roasts are fine with this brew, medium-dark or slightly lighter are suggested.

Traci Wise requested, because of Ben's strong and unwavering dedication to his Faith and God, that 10% of all sales will be donated to support Christian Missions sponsored by the Lighthouse Christian Center in Puyallup, Washington.  Ben would tithe his military pay to take his family on missions every other year instead of vacations.  Since Ben wanted to set a great example to his children by helping others and spreading the Faith instead we are very proud to continue Ben and his Family's mission.

De Oppresso Liber

New for December 2016 - Veteran Owned and Operated SH Plates is offering 2x3", 1/8" Pittsburgh Steel Plates with the image of various Special Forces Fallen Brothers.  These are being offered in conjunction with our SF Gold Star Blends in order to raise funds for donation to the Green Beret Foundation.  Once an order for a plate is placed, SH Plates will manufacture and ship the plate from Pittsburgh.


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