Uganda Ekende, Rwenzori Natural Arabica

  • Uganda Ekende, Rwenzori Natural Arabica

Uganda Ekende, Rwenzori Natural Arabica

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Uganda Ekende, Rwenzori Natural Arabica

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In Uganda, coffee is the major cash crop and makes up 95% of the country’s exports and just shy of 3 million people rely on it some how to make a living.  Robusta coffees have been the main crop in the past but since Arabica coffees demand a higher price and result in higher wages for the farmers, there is a huge incentive to constantly improve the quality of the coffee in this region.

Uganda Rwenzori coffee is grown near the Congolese-Ugandan border which is divided by the Rwenzori Mountain Range, otherwise known as the "Mountains of the Moon” and is the western-most reach of the Great Rift Valley.   Although cotton is the primary cash crop in this part of Africa, you will find outstanding Arabica coffees near the towns of Ft. Portal and Kasese.  The majority of this coffee is produced as a natural coffee, known as a 'Dried Ugandan Arabica' or Drugar.

Solid Ugandan coffee is very unique when it comes to East African coffee and it has a very intense character.  Rather sweet taste and pleasant/full body.  If you like Sumatra or Indonesian coffees you might want to think about giving this one a try.

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