DEL First Special Service Force Mugs

DEL First Special Service Force Mugs

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DEL First Special Service Force Mugs

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Named ‘Die Schwarzen Teufeln’ by the Germans, Forcemen painted their faces black before night raids into enemy lines and became a unit the Germans truly feared.

During the course of their service, The Black Devils captured over 12,000 Germans and inflicted 25 casualties for every one of their Brothers lost in combat.  They would be assigned operations conventional units considered almost suicidal and as Helena’s The Independent Record would later write, ". . . the Force never in all its service yielded an inch of ground nor left a battle with an indecisive conclusion. The Force won everything it fought for . . ."

These pieces are perfect for your morning routine when you need to draw strength to go and forge some Freedom.  There’s a reason why Canada and America have the longest standing, peaceful border in the world…The Black Devils are one of those reasons our countries relationship is so strong.

De Oppresso Liber and Audeamus

Expertly hand crafted by Deneen Pottery in Minnesota, these mugs are a continuation of our commitment to support American Businesses, quality and craftsmanship.

Deneen Pottery is a family owned business in operation since 1972 and the clay used for all of their pieces was invented by Peter Deneen.  Sourced from mines in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, all of Deneen's stoneware is lead free and food safe.  Kiln fired to 2100ºF, each piece is durable and microwave, oven and freezer safe.


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