De Espresso Liber - The Infidel Tumbler, 16oz

De Espresso Liber - The Infidel Tumbler, 16oz

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The Infidel, 16oz Tumbler

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Continuing with our growing line of mission ready kit includes De Espresso Liber’s heavy duty, 16oz Tumblers made for when you’re out on the move and executing your mission.

By heavy duty we mean Montana Grade Heavy Duty.  These tumblers are double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 restaurant grade steel tumblers from Planetary Design in Missoula, Montana and would make the First Service Special Force proud.

In addition to the outstanding craftsmanship and quality of these mugs, they were expertly laser engraved by Guerrilla Outfitters, another outstanding Special Forces Owned and Operated Business!  The tumblers were engraved so the artwork will stand up to active, on the move lifestyles.


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