De Espresso Liber Tankard

  • De Espresso Liber Tankard

De Espresso Liber Tankard

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De Espresso Liber Tankard

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These tankards are an outstanding and versatile addition to your Freedom Fighter’s arsenal. Being a hefty 22oz in volume, this is currently the MOAB of our collection!

After waking up with this Freedom Salvo, be sure to place it in the freezer to prepare for a couple cold ones following a productive day and proper way to celebrate a job well done!


The mugs are from Deneen Pottery, a family company in operation since 1972, and although each mug is very similar they are individually hand made so no two pieces are exactly alike!

The clay for these mugs was invented by Peter Deneen and the mix for these mugs comes from mines in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

All stoneware is lead free and food safe.  Being kiln fired to 2100ºF, each piece is durable and safe for the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.


*For one of De Espresso Liber approved micro-brews, please free to visit Long Tab Brewing! It is another great Special Forces Veteran Owned and Operated Company and will be offering numerous specialty beers including OSS, an Oatmeal Stout infused with De Espresso Liber Coffee!


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