De Espresso Liber - Devils Brigade, 20oz French Press Tumbler

De Espresso Liber - Devils Brigade, 20oz French Press Tumbler

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Devils Brigade, 20oz French Press Tumbler

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A unique American-Canadian brigade called the First Special Service Force, 'The Force' was raised, manned and trained as a light infantry raiding force to be used in cold, high mountains and established a legendary record as one of the toughest and most effective combat units in Europe.

LTC Robert T. Frederick charged with forming the unit, requested the unit consist of "single men between the ages of 21 and 35 who had completed three years or more grammar school within the occupational range of Lumberjacks, Forest Rangers, hunters, North Woodsmen, Game Wardens, Prospectors, and Explorers."

The initial Force recruits were extremely individualistic, tough soldiers who possessed a rugged and somewhat reckless character.  Frederick then set out to accomplish two things: his soldiers reach an unusually high level of physical fitness and stamina, and every single one of his men were to become a consummate infantryman.

The quality and motivation within the Force later showed when Germans became fearful of 'Die Schwarzen Teufeln' who, with faces painted black, would silently enter their lines and spread havoc leaving behind their infamous calling cards letting their enemies know that 'The Worst is Yet to Come...'

Paying tribute to this legendary unit, we continue our FSSF line with the red Devils Brigade tumbler.  The tumblers are designed by Planetary Design in Montana, the Force's home state, and are then shipped to Guerrilla Outfitters, a Special Forces veteran owned and operated business, who engraves the USA-CANADA Arrowhead and Black Devil to make this an outstanding piece of one's kit and collection.

The only thing left to do is to fill it with some Black Devils Brew then cause some Freedom to happen!!!


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