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Kwitaho Blend

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Kwitaho Blend

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Initially partnering with Seven Oaks Elementary last year to assist with fundraising for their sister school in Burundi, we have continued this coffee and expanded the offering to our customers.

FRRED - Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Dignity, is Seven Oaks' guiding set of principles encouraging its students to become individuals who truly care for their local and world communities along with developing into individuals who act to change their world.  The students applied these principles by helping out their sister school, Iwacu Kazoza, in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Following over 20 years of civil war, approximately 11% of Burundi's population are orphans.  Iwacu Kazoza School provides shelter, education and hope for the future to over 500 students, many of whom are orphaned.  Iwacu Kazoza is currently expanding its outreach with numerous medical and educational programs to benefit hundreds more.

Kwitaho, which means 'To Care About,' provides you an extremely meaningful cup.  The coffee both support's Burundi's struggling economy along with donating proceeds to Iwacu Kazoza School's mission to provide increasing hope and improved education for the children of Burundi.  Coffee is Burundi's number one export crop and has played a major role in stabilizing the country after periods of civil unrest and purchasing Burundi coffee plays a huge role in improving the quality of life for farmers and producers.

Thank you for your support, over 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Iwacu Kazoza and we hope to provide updates in the future when they are provided from the school.

All donations made to the JRMD projects go through the Global Giving Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 entity located in Washington DC.


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