Milton Hall - School of Sabotage Shirt

Milton Hall - School of Sabotage Shirt

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Milton Hall - School of Sabotage Shirt

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Milton Hall, near Peterborough, England, was the actual training site for the legendary Jedburgh Teams of World War II.  At this secluded country house, part of an intricate commando training network developed by the British SOE, the Jeds refined the various techniques they later utilized to wreak havoc on the Nazi Juggernaut throughout Occupied Europe.  Additionally, these deadly skills were taught to the numerous Resistance Forces fighting for survival against the German military.

Specifically at Milton Hall, unarmed combat, sabotage and small arms training were the main lessons taught to the original students of unconventional warfare and guerrilla techniques.  Numerous of these Jedburghs took this training learned at Milton Hall and infused it into the modern Special Forces when they were the core of the Green Berets years later.

Support the Resistance and show your support of the forefathers of the Modern Day Jedburghs who still work deep in hostile territory spreading chaos to their enemies and freedom to the oppressed!  

The shirts are manufactured by Ares Clothing, a local, Pacific Northwest OEF / OIF Combat Veteran Owned Company.


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