Wyatt Goldsmith’s Doc’s Brew

Wyatt Goldsmith’s Doc’s Brew

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Wyatt Goldsmith’s: Doc’s Brew

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Crafted in conjunction with the Goldsmith Family, Doc’s Brew honors the memory of SFC Wyatt Goldsmith who was the Special Forces Medical Sergeant serving with ODA 1314 from 2007 until he was killed in action while deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 15 July 2011.

In addition to being an excellent medic, he was a true coffee connoisseur and well known for sharing his brew with teammates and others. One of Wyatt’s “necessities” was his French Press and he truly prided himself in making an outstanding cup of Joe wherever he might be. When remembering him, Wyatt’s mother Lorie said it best…“Wyatt was complex, sometimes slightly irreverent, but engagingly smooth as well.”

This blend is a mix of Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees roasted to a Medium level in order to maintain the flavor and smoothness Wyatt appreciated in his brews.

So as you enjoy this special blend, recognize the fearless Green Beret for which it is named.  Here’s to Wyatt and the example he set by living as both a protector and caregiver of those in need.

A portion of every sale is being donated to the Green Beret Foundation as per the request of Wyatt’s parents, John and Lorie Goldsmith.

New for December 2016 - Veteran Owned and Operated SH Plates is offering 2x3", 1/8" thick Pittsburgh Steel plates with the images of Special Forces Fallen Brothers.  These are being sold in conjunction with our various SF Gold Star Blends in order to raise additional funds to donate to the Green Beret Foundation.  Once an order for a plate is placed, SH Plates will manufacture and ship the plates from their location in Pittsburgh.


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