About Us

About Us

About Us


The founder of De Espresso Liber developed an appreciation for fresh roasted, quality coffee beans while deployed to numerous remote locations around the world. During the course of these trips, he concluded that the taste of name-brand "quality" coffee mailed from home simply could not compare to the complexity of local coffees that had been brewed within days of being roasted.

Following these deployments, he decided to start a coffee roasting company. Its goal is to provide you with the same coffee experience he discovered overseas, at the coffee's point of origin.


De Espresso Liber only roasts the highest quality, 100% Arabica, single origin coffee beans available. The distributors we do business with source their coffee directly from farms with whom they have developed longstanding relationships. These farms employ traditional farming and processing methods, resulting in a superior product.

Degree Of Roast

De Espresso Liber places great importance on roasting your coffee to the level you desire. Each degree of roast can enhance certain flavors in the coffee, and each coffee can react to various levels of roast differently. Describing tastes is not an exact science, and degrees of roast could be explained many different ways. At De Espresso Liber, we group our roasting levels into four main categories: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, and Dark. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you aren’t sure what level of roast you would like.


De Espresso Liber obtains beans from South America, Central America, Africa, Indonesia, and Asia.

Each region of the world produces coffee crops with distinctive characteristics influenced by environmental factors such as rainfall, sun exposure, soil composition, and elevation. Even within a single region, farms that are only miles apart can grow coffees with completely unique tastes.