De Espresso Liber is driven by the SOF Truth - “Quality is Better Than Quantity!’

Coffee: We source high quality, Arabica Coffees based on exceptional profiles and strive to select those which are Fair Trade, Organic, Rain Forest Alliance certified.

Roasting: We roast in house, strictly on order and create all our custom blends.  The same high quality Arabica Coffees offered as Single Origin options are the only ingredients for our blends and we do not add anything to our coffee.  Regardless of the selection, you are receiving high quality Arabica Coffee.

People: We research the organizations growing, harvesting and processing your coffee.  We focus on recognized coffee growers and cooperatives who support their workers, families and local communities.

Community:  Our values developed from years of military service translates into a quality product and team approach when you become part of our community.  Further, people are our purpose and our customer service reflects the importance we place on those supporting us.

We deliver an outstanding experience of fresh roasted, high quality coffee, grown by responsible coffee growers with the final goal of supporting our military and special operations veterans and connecting the civilian community with the elite warriors protecting them.

From the Team at De Espresso Liber - Thank You!