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Central American and Indonesian

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Crafted specifically for the modern US Army Information Operations Command who have carried the torch of the original Ghost Army. Mirroring the 23rd Special Troops, the modern IO soldiers spend much time thinking outside of the box and executing the mission in absolutely unexpected ways.

A blend of a Central America and Indonesian coffee, this brew provides a smooth yet deep cup that allows one to provide answers to the command on how the enemy mind works and how to best influence and deceive a target.

23rd Special Troops

The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, The Ghost Army, was a unique, 1,100 man unit comprised of soldiers who were actors, artists, advertisers and lawyers in civilian life and were selected for their creative thinking.

The unit was involved in over 20 highly classified deception operations in the European Theater. One of their most impactful missions was Operation Fortitude leading up to the D-Day invasions, involving inflatable tanks misleading Hitler to believe Paton was commanding a landing force designated for the Pas-de-Calais instead of the actual Normandy beaches.

A little more than 50 years following World War II, the Ghost Army's existence was finally recognized following its declassification in 1996.