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Honduras - Swiss Water Process Decaf / Organic

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Just as the POWs were kept in the dark, this decaf goes the extra mile for those needing a flavorful cup without the normal caffeine kick most are looking for.

A flavorful, organic / fair trade Honduras coffee, this decaf is Swiss Water Process certified and maintains a full body and profile.

Son Tay Raiders

Honoring the bravery and daring during the historic Son Tay Raid on 21 November 1970, Army Special Forces and Air Force personnel conducted a raid deep into North Vietnam in an attempt to free approximately 70 American Prisoners of War.

Although the North Vietnamese moved the prisoners almost immediately prior to the raid, the well planned operation resulted in dramatically improved treatment of POWs and a renewed hope knowing fellow American Servicemen were not leaving anyone behind.

The Kept in the Dark patch was created for the USAF personnel while the Raiders patch was made for the 6th and 7th Special Forces soldiers.