Suggested Roast: Medium-Dark

Sumatra and Ethiopian Coffee

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Doc's Brew is a blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran Mandheling coffee roasted to a Medium to Medium-Dark level in order to maintain the flavor and smoothness Wyatt appreciated in his brews.

Blending a majority of Sumatra Mandheling coffee for its earthy but smooth and deeper characteristics, with an Ethiopian coffee is added to for its more complex and brighter notes.

The blend is great for brewing with a French Press which Wyatt was very fond of or pulling a unique shot for espresso.

SFC Wyatt Goldsmith

Doc's Brew honors the memory of Special Forces Medical Sergeant SFC Wyatt Goldsmith of ODA 1314 who was killed in action on 15 July 2011 while serving with 1st Special Forces Group in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Wyatt, while an excellent 18D, was also known as a coffee connoisseur and frequently shared his brew with teammates and others; one of his 'necessities' was his French Press and he truly prided himself in making an outstanding cup. Wyatt's parents feel this coffee captures that aspect of him and will hopefully be something others share and remember Wyatt by.