SFC Matthew McClintock's - Tatonka Brew

Tatonka Brew is roasted in Memory of SFC Matthew McClintock of A/1/19th Special Forces Group who was killed in action on 5 Jan 2016 during an hours long firefight with insurgents near the city of Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.   Matt's teammates later said he exited the compound under heavy enemy fire in order to find and mark a landing zone in order to evacuate a wounded team mate.  Matt was later posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions during that firefight.

Tatonka Brew was created with Alexandra to honor her best friend and husband, and is a blend of Central African, Sumatra and Central American coffees recommended to be brought to a medium to medium-dark roast.

Proceeds from the Tatonka Brew will be earmarked for the Green Beret Foundation to support the men of the 19th Special Forces Group with whom Matt served.  Once The McClintock Foundation becomes a 501(c)(3) and is able to accept donations, we will discuss with Alexandra shifting support to her foundation.

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