Green Beret Foundation Mug

Expertly thrown by the potters at Deneen Pottery in Minnesota, these mugs are the only hand made, ceramic mugs authorized by the Green Beret Foundation.  

Fitting for the Special Forces and the GBF, these pieces are made in America, by American potters with American sourced clay from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  The mugs, as versatile as the Green Berets they are supporting; pour hot water in to heat the ceramic for a cup of coffee or place it in the freezer to chill a bottle of Longtab Brewing later in the day.

25% of the projected profits from the sale of each mug are pre-donated to the Green Beret Foundation to help support its vital missions.

De Oppresso Liber!

  • Each mug is hand made so no two are exactly alike
  • All stoneware is lead free and food safe
  • Fired to 2100ºF and is extremely durable
  • Microwave, Dishwasher, Over and Freezer Safe


Category: Coffee, GBF

Type: GBF

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