Peru - HB MCM Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Peru is the 9th largest coffee producer in the world and accounts for 2% of the total global production.

The majority of the coffee is cultivated in small farms located high in the Andes Mountains which tend to be less than 5 acres in size and are approximately 1,000 to 1,800 meters above sea level.  The farmers are primarily indigenous, speaking Spanish as a second language, pick the coffee by hand and process the fruit in local wet mills.

The farmers then historically travel by foot long distances to try and sell their produce.  However, there has been a bit of a revolution in the past few years as the Agricultural Ministry has helped introduce more modern practices and assist in setting up farmer organizations.  This has resulted in higher quality coffees and a greater demand for Peruvian coffee in international markets and competitive prices for the farmers.

This is an outstanding development as the high altitudes and amount of shade provided for the coffee throughout the Andes is an ideal environment for Arabica cultivation and has steadily drive to higher demand for specialty Peruvian coffees. 

The cup holds a good profile throughout all roasts but tends to do better around a medium-dark.

The coffee is bright with a general sweetness and medium body as a single origin.

Category: Coffee, Single Origin

Type: Coffee

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