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Region: Aceh Tengah (Central Aceh)

Municipality: Bebesen District

Producer Type: Cooperative

Altitude: 1200-1500 masl

Genetic Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catimor

Processing:  Semi-Washed (wet-hulled)

Drying Method:  Sun Dried on collectors’ patios and again at mill

Notes: Good plum, cranberry and brown sugar sweetness, cedar aroma, medium body and acidity

Located in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, the KOPEPI Ketiara Cooperative cultivate coffee at elevations between 900 and 1700 meters above sea level.  The area's soil is suitable for the production of Arabica coffee and these plants have grown in the region since 1908 and are now recognized globally for their rich flavor and strong body.  The cooperative uses the wet-hulled or semi-washed processing method which is called 'Giling Basah' in the local language.

The cooperative has over 800 grower-members who cultivate coffee on more than 830 hectares of land and it produces 100% shade-grown Arabica coffee.
The current chairwoman, Ibu Rahmah, founded the cooperative in 2008 and has also operated and managed her family's coffee business for 20 years. The commitment of the coop's managers to have all members working together in support of coffee production has enabled Ketiara to expand and become an important supplier to larger coffee traders in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra.

Additionally, after much discussion, the members voted to become Organic and Fairtrade Certified in 2012 in order to use these proceeds to create programs for health, education and public infrastructure projects that will benefit all coop members.