Saint Philip Neri - The Catholic Commando

Patron Saint of Special Forces

A model of character for the 'Quiet Professionals' of the Special Forces, Saint Philip Neri was extremely capable and intelligent, caring only about accomplishing God's work. Saint Neri always shied from recognition and spent 17 years independently serving the poor and needy in Rome before being convinced to enter the priesthood.

Saint Philip was legendary for bringing out the best in people and changing their lives for the better. He would adapt to every situation and find a way to encourage people to turn their good intentions into good actions. Regularly engaging people with the question, "Well, brothers, when shall we begin to do good?"
He was a pioneer of the concept of working 'By, With and Through...'
Saint Philip was selected as the Patron Saint of Special Forces because he embodied the traits of the ideal Special Forces Soldier...
Selfless Servant, Superb Teacher, and Inspirational Leader.  The St. Philip Neri Award Program was established by the United States Army Special Forces Command in 2002 and the Special Forces Association was given final responsibility for maintaining and promoting the award.