Blackbeard's Brew

Blackbeard's Brew was created in honor of SSG Matthew Pucino who served in 5th and 20th Special Forces Groups and was, in his words, 'Kind of a big deal..."

Committed to everything he did, Uncle Matt was devoted to his family, his team and our country.  He would shower his family with gifts every moment he had and while on an ODA, he would put his team before himself.

During one firefight, Matt gave two units of blood to save an injured Brother then immediately returned to the battle.  Where ever he served, Matt set the example, lead the way and made safe the path for those behind him.

Blackbeard's Brew, roasted to a medium-dark roast, is a complex blend of Central and South American coffee with a Central African bean added providing a unique taste that is simply hard to find.

A portion of profits are donated to the SSG Matthew A. Pucino Foundation whose exempt purpose is to provide for the physical and emotional needs of combat wounded soldiers and their families.  They strive to assist our warriors and their families, just as Matt would have done.  The foundation also supports the Green Beret Foundation.

For more information regarding the SSG Matthew A. Pucino Memorial Foundation, LTD please click here.

Category: charity, gold star

Type: Gold Star Blend

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