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Beginning as a separate U.S. Army training base during World War II, Camp MacKall later became an important training location for U.S. Army Special Forces in 1952. Instantly recognized by anyone within Special Forces, Camp MacKall holds a very unique spot in every Green Beret's memory.

From the internal battles fighting through SFAS and running the gauntlet thrown down by Nasty Nick, staying awake during Phase II or waging a guerrilla campaign during Robin Sage, no one is taller than Camp MacKall is tall and the countless days rucking the nameless trails carefully watching the compass needle and keeping your pace count drives the repetitious thought of 'boots, boots, boots...' in your mind

- +15oz, multi-purpose mug
- Maroon, textured powdercoat
- Double Wall Insulation
- Clear Slide-Top Lid
- Extra Wide Handle