DEL Black Steel Freedom Mug

This 14oz multi-purpose mug great for around the office or outdoors where durability and low-weight are a must.  Not only perfect for hot coffee in the morning, these are perfect for an ice cold beer to end the day...possibly one from Long-Tab Brewing or FOB Brewing!  A great addition to this new mug is a travel top which is a must when on the open road.

The De Espresso Liber Pine was added to honor the three trees important to our company - The Liberty Pine from the War for Independence, The Pineland Tree from the Special Forces Culmination Exercise, Robin Sage, and the Cascadia Pine from the Pacific Northwest.

Engraving was completed by Guerrilla Outfitters, another Special Forces Veteran Owned and Operated Company.


Category: camping, Mug, steel

Type: Mug