Dark Roast

Sumatra, Central and South America

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Jedburgh Brew is a dark, French Roast blend of a Central American, South American and Indonesian coffees providing a bold, smoky coffee with a clean but heavier after taste.

Excellent while planning major guerrilla campaigns to topple the enemy!

Eisenhower's Guerrillas

Trained by the American Office of Strategic Services and British Special Operations Executive, the small teams excelled in sabotage, guerrilla warfare and communications.  Jedburgh Teams initially jumped into France and Belgium shortly before the D-Day landings at Normandy and trained various partisan groups. Calling in arms drops and training the guerrillas, the Jedburgh Team created conditions where it was nearly impossible for German Forces to operate safely.

General Eisenhower would later reflect that "In no other theater during this war, have resistance forces been so closely harnessed to the main military effort...the organized forces of the resistance, played a very considerable part in our complete and final victory."