Office of Strategic Services - Sabotage Brew


DEL's Sabotage Blend pays homage to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), formed during World War II, which was the predecessor of the modern Central Intelligence Service along with the modern Special Operations Command.  The OSS was staffed from members of all armed forces and conducted numerous missions including coordinating espionage activities behind enemy lines, utilizing propaganda, subversion and the training and insertion of specialized teams in all theaters of the war.

Specifically tipping the hat to Detachment 101 which played a major role in the China-Burma-India Area of Operations, this coffee is a blend of mainly Burmese Coffee which is a unique offering that brings one back to the jungles where the Detachment made history.

Sabotage Blend is a light to medium roast.

Category: blend, Coffee, Commando, World War II

Type: Coffee

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