Roaster's Choice 18oz Sample Pack

The DEL Roaster's Choice sample pack consists of three 6oz bags focusing on the coffees types you select.  Whether the coffee purist each wanting to try different Single Origins, the patriot wanting to experience the unique Gold Star Blends we built with families of our Fallen SOF Brothers or the service member downrange wanting to experience the full spectrum of the Commando Blends, the roaster will make sure the sample pack is properly stocked.

  • Single Origin Sampler: Each coffee is from a different coffee growing region and is roasted to best bring out that coffees characteristics
  • Commando Blend Sampler:  One of each of the DEL Commando Blends -  OSS Sabotage Blend, Black Devils Brew, Jedburgh Brew
  • Gold Star Blend Sampler:  Three different Gold Star Blends are included in each pack.  The specific selection changes weekly.
  • DEL Blend Sampler: Three of the four DEL Blends are included in this pack and one coffee is switched out weekly

Category: Sample Pack

Type: Coffee