Rwanda - Sholi Cooperative: Fairtrade / Rainforest Alliance

Region:  Muhanga District, Southern Province

Producer Type:  Cooperative, Women Produced

Altitude:  1800-2000 masl / Washing Station at 1730 masl

Genetic Varieties:  Bourbon

Processing:  Fermentation Washed

Drying Method:  Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Notes:  Some of the deepest citrus acidity from coffees of the African Great Lakes Countries, shining with ruby red grapefruit and juicy blood orange. Additional layers of mango, orange and dark berry are balanced by honey and finish with lavender.

Certifications:  Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance / FLO ID: 32238

Origin Description:
Abateraninkunga ba Sholi (“Sholi”) Cooperative, meaning “Mutual Assistance,” is located in Muhanga Disctrict, Southern Province, in the center of Rwanda about halfway between Kigali and Lake Kivu.  Established in 2008, Sholi has been producing coffee for nearly a decade, and the cooperative’s name reflects its objective to improve both the coffee and community.  Sholi was borne out of a women’s association called “Kundwa”, which means love in Kinyarwanda.   Nearly half (157) of Sholi’s 386 members are women including two of the five board members.

Coffee processing at Sholi is similar to other coffee cooperatives in Rwanda. After coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, the coffee is pulped and dry-fermented for 18-24 hours, then rinsed. Higher grade coffees are soaked for another 24 hours before washing and the wet parchment is hand-picked on covered raised beds before being moved to the drying beds.

In 2016 Sholi received a grant to build a community center and regional health center which provides invaluable services to the remote surrounding area.  The health center provides both blood tests and treatments for malaraia, parasites, respiratory infection, along with basic first aid. The staff are hoping to run a nutrition and cooking program to combat early childhood malnutrion and have been working on public-health partnerships with other clinics in the region.

Category: Africa, Coffee, Single Origin

Type: Coffee

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