Tanzania Washed Arabica Tunda Peaberry


Region: Songwe

Municipality:  Mbozi / Ululu, Idiwili, Mafumbo, Ilomba

Producer Type: Umoja Ululu AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies) - 252 growers

Altitude: 1796 masl

Genetic Varieties: Bourbon Derivatives - 90% N39, 10% KT423

Processing:  Fermentation Washing

Drying Method:  Sun dried on African Raised beds for 8-14 days

Notes: Raisin, Blackberry, Spice and Caramel, Syrupy Body and Bright Acidity

Origin Description:
Tanzania uses a system of bean size grading very much like the system used in Kenya. In Tanzania “AA” is the largest size grade, consisting of beans with screen sizes 17 and 18. Screen sizes globally refer to screen hole size in #/64ths of an inch wide. “AB” refers to 15/16 screen, “C” grade is 14/15 screen and “PB” is the small peaberry bean.

The Tunda peaberry comes from the Umoja Ululu AMCOS (Umoja = “unity” in swahili) which consists of several central processing units (CPUs). They were formed by the Umoja Ilomba and Magwila farmer groups, and Ilomba CPU sits at 1,796masl. The 252 producers come from the nearby villages of Ululu, Idwili, Mafumbo, and Ilomba, and deliver their cherries from 2-6pm, pulp from 3pm-1am (depending on how busy the season is), are graded, fermented from 24-48 hours, soaked for 8-12 hours, then dried from 8-14 days depending on weather.

Category: Africa, Coffee, Single Origin

Type: Coffee

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