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Honoring the first modern Special Forces Group, the Originals Blend is named after 10th Group, 'The Originals'.

Attracting many former members of the OSS, Rangers, various Airborne units from World War II and foreign nationals, 10th Group was composed of a very unique collection of battle hardened warriors.  They brought a wealth of war fighting, language and cultural skill sets to the hunt which define Special Forces today.

Ethiopia is the region where coffee originated so it is fitting the Originals is a blend primarily of Ethiopian coffee with some Indonesian coffee added for a smoother finish.

Proceeds from this coffee are donated to the 10th Group specific fund at the Green Beret Foundation and supports Originals Soldiers and Families in time of need.

Guerrilla Outfitters, a 10th Group Special Forces Combat Veteran, further carries other 'Originals' products so please check out their site when you have time.

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Type: Coffee

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